Sarah Laura Hauenstein

KSA MA film making (2014)

Sarah Laura Hauenstein (slhmedia) is a Swiss experimental and documentary filmmaker. She is interested in non-tangible and fragmental inner conflicts of human beings and complex interpersonal relationships. She expresses herself audio-visually and aims to glimpse behind the scenes by exploring ways and means to depict the concealed and to visualise the invisible.
Her background is in journalism and communications, BA studies, Switzerland and film making, MA studies, UK. In the past Sarah Laura has primarily been a member of an international group of like-minded filmmakers (many of them are alumni of the M.A. film making at Kingston University) and worked on collaborative projects in the roles of Producer/Assistant Director/Camera Operator and Editor. A major milestone was the editing-experience of She Is Juiced,a Creative Documentary about 4 LBGTQIA+ female artists by Lois Norman. She Is Juiced had its premiere at the Tate Britain in London in 2017.
With the growing desire of bringing her own ideas to life she has recently started to predominately focus on her own projects. Sarah Laura is currently working on her first feature-length documentary as a writer and director.

Selected filmography
Herz im Kopf / Brain-hearted (2019) By Sarah Laura Hauenstein

Railway Women (2018) by Abbe Fletcher slhmedia: Editing

Glass Box (2017) By Sarah Laura Hauenstein

She Is Juiced (Feature-length Documentary) (2017) By Lois Norman slhmedia: Editing

Drawn-Out (2017) by Brooke Leigh Carlson slhmedia: Video Editing

White Noise (2017) by Sarah Laura Hauenstein & Roter Su slhmedia: Directing & Editing

The Light (2015) by Lois Norman slhmedia: Video and Sound Editing

Me (Selfportrait) Drill Drawing Hanna ten Doornkaat’ (2015) By Sarah Laura Hauenstein/Hanna ten Doornkaat

The Shell 2015 by Lois Norman slhmedia: Editing

Grandmother -Mother -Sister (2014) By Sarah Laura Hauenstein

Drill Drawing – An Art Performance (2014) By Sarah Laura Hauenstein

Uncertain (2014) by Maya Sinharathna slhmedia: Assistant Directing/Producing

Friends Forever (2014) by Maya Sinharathna slhmedia: Cinematography/Editing

Films exhibited at

Curzon Soho London, Prince Charles Cinema London, BFI Studio London, Wales International Film festival, Saatchi Art Website, Croydon International Film Festival UK, The Dog Show Artist’s open houses Brighton, Stables Gallery Twickenham, Tate Britain London, Fitzrovia Gallery London, The Crypt Gallery London, Homotopia Festival, Brighton Rocks Film Festival, New Renaissance Film Festival Amsterdam, Canada Shorts Film Festival, Auckland International Film Festival, Fringe ! Queer and Arts Fest London, Shorts on Tap Berlin, Out on Film Atlanta LGBT Film Festival, Province Town International Film Festival, Queer North, WIFTA Short Film Showcase, Pink Life Queerfest, Cosmic Film Festival, CBFF Filmfestival

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