Sabela Pernas Soto

Sabela Pernas Soto

KSA MA film making (2008)

Sabela Pernas Soto is a documentary and experimental filmmaker.

She has worked as film editor in television and film production companies in Spain. She has directed and produced several short films, which were awarded with several prizes, such as the Galicia New Creatives (twice awarded). Her films have been selected in film festivals around the world (FINCA, Festival de Cans, Cineuropa, Festival de Cine Pobre de Gibara,
FICMA, MICE, etc).

She has taken part in artist residencies in Spain. She is a founding member of film.

In 2011 she created the project VideodiamizArte ( with the psychologist Ana Seijo Cuba, mixing both disciplines working through videotherapy intervention.
Currently she works as teacher in a public film school in Galicia, making her own films and researching and creating projects with VideodinamizArte.

Certificate of Higher Education from Escola de Imaxe e Son EIS (2001-2003).

Degree in Audiovisual Communication in University of Vigo (2003-2007) and film making MAn in Kingston University (2007-8).

Master’s Degree in teacher training (Universidad Alfonso X, 2015).

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