Maya Sinharathna

Maya Sinharathna

KSA MA film making (2014)

I am the MD of my own film company Maya24Film Ltd, and an award-winning female film & theatre director and producer based in London, originally from Sri Lanka. I completed a Postgraduate Diploma in Film & Video Production at Cavendish Collage London in 2010, and completed two masters of art degrees in Filmmaking in 2014 and in 3D Computer Animation in 2016 at Kingston University in London. I have directed 15 films to date.

I have a wide range of more than 12 years experience as a film and theatre drama Director as well as Producer. I have directed three theatre dramas and produced them for the National Drama festivals in 2006 in Sri Lanka, and they were achieving success for the final round. I received awards during this period for Best Script Writer, Best Director, Best Music, Best Production, Best Sets, and Best Actress, along with Best Supporting Actress.

In UK I have directed seven documentaries, four short films and one animation short film and four 3D animation models to date, as Writer, Editor, Sound designer, Director, Cinematographer and Producer and Animator (Specialised in Lighting and Camera Animation in 3D Maya 2017 for Visual Effects in Film and Entertainment).

Towards the end of my MA filmmaking studies I was awarded two different productions by the two different film festivals between November and December 2014 in the UK. They were for Friends Forever, a documentary production, which was awarded a special commendation at the Croydon international Film Festival on 27th October 2014 and Uncertain, a drama, that won the Community Choice award out of 110 British short films at ‘Talent House’ – the Prince Charles Cinema & BFI Future Film Festival. It was premiered at a Red Carpet screening at the Prince Charles Cinema London on November 23rd 2014.

My ‘can-do’ attitude, enthusiasm, and experiences have helped me establish my own production company Maya24Film Ltd (

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