Jelena Lützel

Jelena Lützel is a German writer and producer with a passion for close to life stories. She recently graduated from the MA filmmaking at the Kingston School of Art. During the year long course she worked on different projects from documentary to fiction, trying herself out in different fields of writing, directing, producing and sound. 

Before moving to England she studied Screenwriting at the international filmschool cologne. Two films she wrote during that time have been screened at festivals, nationally and internationally.

Her films often focus on unique friendships. Whether it’s an old man writing his last letter to a long lost friend or four strangers that meet in a train station, she likes to closely present the awkward details of the relationship between characters.

She likes writing about characters that never really fit in, that might be a little odd or strange or are still looking for a place in this world. With her scripts and films, she is hoping to be able to give viewers the feeling of belong somewhere.

After Uni she is now working as a freelancer in the industry taking on jobs in writing, producing and teaching.

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